Monday, December 10, 2012

Friend Making Monday - Christmas

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Christmas Questions

1. How will you celebrate the holidays this year? As normal we will be relaxing at the caravan at the beach. Although we are spending Christmas Day at my mum's house in Rotorua.

2. What’s the weather currently like where you live? We are heading straight into summer, so it is getting warmer. Shorts and T-shirts have suddenly appeared from everyone's wardrobes!

3. Do you decorate your home for the holidays? If so, share a picture please! I love decorating for Christmas but I have to be in the mood.

My mum brought the boys one each of these advent draws when she lived in Spain, however the draws are very small so nothing every gets put in them it just sits and decorates instead.

This was brought to signify a very special year in our family

In 2001 Steve and I went to London for a holiday, we treated ourselves to this snowman and reindeer as a reminder

I collect snowmen, so this is my new decoration for this year

Alex wanted the Santa to keep the snowman company!

4. What is your favorite Christmas movie? As it is heading into summer here then I notice that they don't seem to play many Christmas movies, however, I love them. I use to love Miracle on 34th Street, but I will happily watch Christmas movies, so any really.

5. What is your favorite Christmas songs? I so love Christmas songs. 'Oh Holy Night' is a favorite but I will happily put on a Christmas CD and sing a long all day. I have discovered a new album this year ........ a Christmas one by Lady Antebellum (Who I love listening to so much) it is called "On This Winter's Night" it is a beautiful album and the songs are gorgeous. Some traditional some new.

6. Do you have an advent calendar? Yes, I have a tree that I purchased from Avon many years ago. It has drawers underneath that are numbered. So you decorate the tree one day at a time. I love it. I got it in England many years before I moved to New Zealand. So it is very special to me. It has a wind up key on it and playes "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" as the tree spins round.

7. Do you prefer color lights or white lights? Coloured lights definitely

8. What is your favorite food to eat over the holidays? When I lived in England then Christmas meant mandarins and Quality Street Chocolates, warm food and lots of it.
Over here in New Zealand, with it being summer then it has moved on to Strawberries and lots of fresh summery food.

9. Do you display a live tree, or do you prefer fake trees? I like a fake tree, sorry. Although I have had a real tree one year when we stayed home for the holiday period. Seeing as we always go away at Christmas and someone else lives in our house at that time then I have fake as it is unfair to ask them to care for a real one!

10. What would you need to make your holiday perfect this year? No rain! Last year we all got flooded at the campsite. It made for a fun holiday watching all the campers in tents packing up in 20cm of water! But otherwise just happy healthy family to have fun and laughs with.


Ginger said...

Those are great questions! I've not seen this type of post before and will consider it another time :) My favorite. Christmas song is "do you hear what I hear?" and I love to eat all the Christmas treats made for the season!

Alison said...

I really enjoyed finding out about your Christmas Kathryn..great post and pics...I have downloaded Lady Antebellum's Christmas album too and love it!
Alison xx

Unknown said...

Stopping in from FMM. I LOVED your Christmas pictures. Too Cute. Will have to check out that CD!

Lisa said...

I can't even imagine having Christmas on the beach! I bet it's wonderful!

Your Advent tree is adorable! I love it!

Stopping in from FMM - Merry Christmas!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I've finally participated in one of these memes! Thanks for posting. Here's where you can find mine:

Karen said...

Thanks to Maria, I found this blog and posted mine as well: www.