Sunday, July 27, 2014

Why do you Blog?

I am still ever conscious of the fact that I haven't really blogged much this whole year!
Does it bother me? Yes a little.
If so then why aren't I blogging much? I really don't know!

Seems I went off line after my op last year and when I finally found my feet again it was just as our world came crashing back down with news of my husbands imminent operation.

Blogging is always in the back of my head but just not as much as it use to be.
I have been looking at all the blogs I follow and looking to see what they blog about. News, current affairs, life, pictures, children, craft to name a few.

It made me take a look back through my blog to see what I had been blogging about?
Turns out it was all about family, mainly because I started my blog to keep my parents and extended relatives in foreign lands (or was that that I was in the foreign land and they were at home?) informed of how the boys were growing and what we had been up to.

I then realised that because of blogging I always had the camera with me. I was always taking pictures. I captured everything we were doing just on the off chance there might be something I wanted to blog about.

So with taking time out in the last almost a year, I have come to realise 1 major thing......?
I don't have my camera with me nearly as much and I think I am missing out on capturing what is going on in my boys life!

I have come to realise also that maybe I was blogging as a way to keep my boys childhood as a vivid memory, something that they can look back on and remember.
Maybe I need to change my focus on why I am blogging and look at it from a different angle.

Maybe I have to remember that I am not only blogging for me, I am blogging for the memories it will give my boys when they are older.

With that said, I need to take the camera with me more, I need to be capturing all of our life more just in case there is something worth blogging about!

Friday, July 04, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Update

1 month in and everyone is going strong.
Wish I could say the same for me!
I have the list printed and hung on the fridge door, there we have noted next to each item a rough idea of where we may find said item. This way we know that there will be some small travel involved to find a few. However this weekend sees the start of the school holidays for 2 weeks. Now whilst I am working the first week, the 2nd week the boys and I will have a chance to race round and visit so far away places to get our pictures.
I also have the list on my phone, and the camera is always with me, because you just never know when you might see that picture on the side of the bus or a bird on a wire!
I do so love the craziness of this hunt! Again I use my line from last year ...."but your honor, it was the scavenger hunt I was trying to complete, it had us doing some crazy things!"

Anyway back to the update....
So far I have been successful in finding the following:
a rack of postcards

A garden gnome

a rural landscape

birds on a wire

a lamp post
I have also found a substitute item but I will not post it until nearer the end of the hunt just in case I do manage to get one of the actual listed items. May be slightly impossible to get though as it is the middle of winter here and all it wants to do is rain! Can't see us finding too many parades anytime soon!
I am a stickler like that, try really hard to find the actual required items before I will substitute.
Hey we've got 3 months you just never know!

I am, of course the person who set up the Facebook page for the Summertime Scavenger Hunt.
I have so many friends on Facebook that are always showing us their fab pictures, so thought I would give them some things to actually challenge them to find and picture.
It has been lovely to see so many people join in the hunt who are not bloggers. I do still enjoy going round the links and visiting the blogs as this is where it started but I am enjoying seeing some friends, who would never have completed the hunt, post pictures of their life surroundings too.

This is after all a scavenger hunt for bloggers and I hope it remains for many years as everyone seems to thoroughly enjoy completing it and always seem to be counting down the days and months till it starts again. However I do love seeing people who have nothing to do with blogging also having some fun.
I post all my finds on my blog page as well as Facebook and do so hope that all the bloggers who have joined the Facebook page will continue to do the same. However I do hope that Rinda won't mind if we use the list each year on Facebook to spread the enjoyment to others in the world. I do always recognize on Facebook as to where the idea came from and who it belongs to.

I look forward to seeing many more happy pictures from a round the world flowing down the internet wire really soon.
Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Autumn Leaves

We don't have that many trees over looking our garden. In fact only 1 really drops its leaves at this time of the year!
In desperation I told the boys to go and rake up the leaves and then jump in them.
Ben was a little shocked to begin with....'did she just say jump in them?'

So they did and then had a ball.

They actually played 'spot the child' at one stage.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

3 - Birds on a Wire

Living in the city there seems to always be enough noise going on for the birds to not stay too long on a wire.
More like you see them there and then by the time you have your camera....they are gone!

Driving back through the countryside after doing emergency dash to youngest son's football game, I followed a wire line along the whole road and saw bird after bird sitting on the wire.
So with trusty camera in hand I slowed right down and tried to get some good shots.
Luckily for me there was nothing else on this country road at 9am on a Saturday because I must have looked so strange slowing down and then stopping in the road, holding my camera out of the car window and then driving off again only to do exactly the same again several meters down the road!

I got several good shots

1 lone bird just snuggled on the wood section

But I decided I like this one the best, so this is my official submitted one for the Scavenger Hunt

How are you finding the birds, are they playing nicely and smiling sweetly for the camera?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bread Pudding

I am from England and bread pudding conjures up images of bread, milk, eggs and lots of raisins!
Man how I hate dried fruit!! So you can obviously tell that this is not one of my favorite desserts.

I also like finding new recipes and Facebook seems to be a good place to find things. It is amazing what gets posted on there sometimes.
I have Alexis over here to thank for this recipe, she is so good at finding recipes online and then letting everyone know about them.

This however looks amazing and so yummy.
The recipe is at Chef in Training and I have had the privileged of making it twice now, although I think my hips are telling me not to make it again for a while!

It is bread soaked in a cream and sugar mixture. You then lay half the bread in a pan, cover with raspberries and then cover with remaining bread.
Bake for 40 minutes and then serve with vanilla custard or ice cream.
It even tastes great cold the next day!
I did however, find the recipe to be a little on the large size! So I cut it down in the amount and found that it still served 6 quite nicely.

The recipe asks for you to use cut up pieces of bread which I used but I found it easier with slices of bread the next time.

The smell in the house as it was cooking was divine and sweet.

We chose custard and man was it sweet and filling, but just what you need on a cold winters night.

Monday, June 23, 2014

7 - A Rural Landscape

The boys are of an age where football plays a large part of their life.
This means early morning football games for us on Saturday mornings!
Seeing as we have 2 boys we always end up with 2 games and you can bet your bottom dollar they are at different ends of the country, usually at the same time or within 30 mins of each other!
All I can say is........I am so glad we have a spare car at present, makes life so much easier.

Driving out in the grand Waikato countryside and Mt Pirongia stands majestic in the distance with fog and cloud swirling around her base. Can't get anymore rural than that.

Alas what I didn't mention is that the reason I was driving out here was because son #2 had forgotten his boots and mum was on a mercy dash to get them to him!
However the countryside was so beautiful I took my time and snapped a few pictures along the way.
I even captured 1 or 2 others for the hunt on the way back.
All in all a very productive drive in the country.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

17 - A Lamp Post

Saturday morning and the feeling is fine for supporting my son at his football game.
Nice school we visited to use their grounds.

Even nicer was the quaint little lamp post in the school grounds.