Friday, September 26, 2014

Treasure Hunt Roundup

Life sure does creep by when you are having such fun.
I still can't believe it can take so long just to round up 21 pictures, I mean we had 3 months to find them, what took us all so long?
I managed to find 21 items, however I did have to use both substitutes as I was unable to find 2 of the main items.

While I would love to give you a run down of all of my pictures, I haven't been blogging about anything else over the last 3 months so all my posts are about the treasure hunt, so please feel free to scroll through my last few posts to see my finds.
However I will recap over a few items.

The easiest to find:

That would be 8 - a tattoo because I have a tattoo so I just took a picture of myself!

The hardest to find:

That would be 20 - a bus with a picture on the side I thought this would be an easy one to find but alas it evaded me for sometime as we seem to have gotten rid of all the buses in Hamilton with pictures on the side, that is until I spied just 2 buses around town and then had to keep an eye out for them to gain a quick shot!

The one I knew I would never find!:

That would be 14 - a parade & 15 - a juggler!
We're in winter here and parades just aren't a happening thing at this time of the year. I am sure I could have thought outside of the square like some people and found a parade in another way, but alas no!
As for a juggler, well same sort of thing, without getting a family member to perform the trick for me, when I really wanted to find a juggler rather than create one, I just knew the chances of coming across one during winter was very low.

My favorite to find:

Has to be 18 - a waterfall we had such an awesome family day out to the waterfall. Due to getting lost on the way we ended up having a fish and chip lunch at the beach side town just a little further up the road and then retracing our steps to find the said waterfall, and believe me it was worth the find.

The one that I was surprised to find:

That would be 12 - a mascot I really didn't think I would find anything for this as I just haven't seen mascots for things around.

I hope you all had a great time over the last 3 months, finding all of Rinda's list. I am so grateful to Rinda for hosting this wonderful event yet again. I am looking forward to next year already and we still have 9 months to wait!


scrappyjacky said...

I didn't expect to find a juggler....but did...I thought birds on a wire would be easy....and it definately wasn't!!
Love your waterfall.

Bron said...

Looks like you did a great job and had lots of fun on the way. xx

marsha said...

it is funny that items you think are going to be easy are actually hard...and hard items sometimes are easy!! I had the same experience!!

Great waterfall...and bonus fish and chips lunch!!

BJ said...

Super waterfall BJ

Maria Ontiveros said...

I really like your commentary today. It's fun to sit back and reflect on the Hunt. Your waterfall is beautiful. Lovely rainbow. Glad the hunt kept you blogging and happy spring,

Alison said...

I had to have a double take. At that sister lives in Te Awamatu!!
Alison xx

glitterandglue said...

Well done. That's a fantastic waterfall! Well worth fish and chips and getting lost.
Margaret #18

Becky said...

Great waterfall photo and you got to have a lunch out too!

Lady Ella said...

That's one great hot air balloon you found!