Friday, December 29, 2006

Thrill Seeking

Ben has decided that the Luge in Rotorua is a fabulous place to go and have fun.

He loved going up in the gondolas and watching the giant swing and the people going down the luge.

So finally we relented and decided to take them up. We planned the trip up very well. We found out how early in the morning they started running and realised that with our charming early wake up calls we get daily we could beat the crowds! So at 0830 the next day we were up the top getting ready to throw ourselves down the fast moving luge.

With a 5 trip ticket we were able to take the two boys down twice and then Steve took Ben down once on his own.

So definitely the right time of the day to go up there. I think we were the first people down of the day, although by the time we had finished all our rides the coach parties had all arrived.
The boys loved it. So my biggest tip of all is - go early in the morning to have the best fun with limited people about. Means that the kids can enjoy it without being over powered by bigger faster people around, and when you are only 3 you don't like too many crowds.

Horse Racing

We had a day at the races. Rotorua Races that is. What a lovely day we had too. Took a picnic lunch and had a few little flutters, came away even, so no loses! The boys thought this was great. the horses walked right past us to get their saddles etc and then back past us to go onto the track. As we were stood by the winning post we saw them as they all finished, then they walked back past us to do the parade in the winners circle where the jockeys dismounted and the horses were lead away. So the boys got to see so much of what was happening. Ben thought it was all fabulous and had a wonderful day.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Rotorua Lake

We spent a wonderful afternoon down at the lake at the end of the road.
Alex was all into the water, he just wanted to get in and splash.
Ben was not so keen, although he did get in at one stage for 20 seconds, and complained for most of the time he was in there! He preferred to stay on the jetty and watch the world float by.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Day

Ben got this lovely red bike for Christmas. We weren't planning a bike, but that's how life goes, all the best plans get changed at the last minute!

He still loved it, and had great fun riding it down to the lake.

Alex had fun on Christmas day as well. Got himself a little trike to ride and a lovely pull a long train that sounds like a train when you press the funnel.
Best of all, it was a glorious day and we were able to take a lovely walk down to the lake before going to join the rest of the family up the hill.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we went up to my Uncle's House in Rotorua. The other children were playing limbo, but this was the best Ben could do. He went over rather than under. He has no shirt on because the other bigger boys decided it was too hot for shirts so he followed suit.


Sunday, December 17, 2006

Glenbrook Vintage Train

Steve has always mentioned that there is a vintage steam train somewhere south of Auckland.
As both the boys love trains we decided to venture there one fine Sunday morning.
After quite an eventful trip there, hence to add I now know to take at least 2 changes of clothes for both boys whenever we go anywhere! We arrived to find a lovely sunny day with not too many people around.
We had some lunch and then ventured onto the lovely restored steam train for a 45 minute return trip across some of South Auckland's green fields.

The boys had a wonderful time on the train, although the ticket did allow us to go again but Ben decided that he didn't want to go on the train again, but did want to go on the little 'Rigger' that you could help with up and down the track in front of the station

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Our Little Helpers

Ben and Alex have both decided that they are big enough to have little jobs around the house.

Ben gets the rubbish bin from the road every week and puts it back where it lives.


And Alex goes and checks the mailbox everyday, when he remembers!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I Know My Name

Ben has finally grasped his own name.
Up until now, you could ask him if his name was Ben and he said yes. Today he finally answered when you asked him directly what his name was.

When asked 'What is your name?' he replied 'Bem"
Good enough for us :)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Plant Digging

When deciding to move anything in the garden, you must always have the right tools to hand. Alex decided that he was just what we needed when moving the Camilia. He got in the hole to help us!