Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wonderful Weekend

Sun shining and great to attend another birthday party.
Brought the boys a little garden bench that is so cute.

Alex got to taste his first lollipop at a birthday party this weekend.

On such a sunny weekend, where else would we be apart from the front deck soaking it all in?
Alex thinks the washing rack is for more than just washing!!
And at the end of a glorious weekend you have a lovely bath with daddy and then into pyjamers with a cup of milk before bedtime.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

3rd Birthday

Last week was Ben's Birthday, so we held a little party. As you can see all the little friends had fun with the cake.

We gave Ben a train set for the special day, him and daddy have lots of fun putting tracks together when Alex is asleep and not disturbing them!

Ben's Swimming Lessons

Today was swimming lesson day. As you can see from the pictures Ben loves the water.

He is doing so well.

He has been doing his lessons for 6 months now and I can see a real improvement in his confidence with the water.

He will join in all the activities and put his head under the water.
When he has the noodle round him he floats on his own, so using a kicker board is great because he is floating and kicking at the same time.

From the big happy smiles and the giggles that come from him, I can tell he is having so much fun.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Latest Craze

The latest craze in our house is 'Choo's' or for everyone else this means 'Trains'

For the last couple of months this fasination has been getting stronger, although I am sure we assisted with this by getting a train set for Ben's 3rd Birthday last week. In fact it doesn't matter what type of train it is, any will do, it is the same with planes, although that has been assisted by the fact we live close to an airport and if the planes are landing on a particular runway then they fly over our house, nice and low and very clear 5 minutes before they land.

Isn't is amazing what holds the fascination of a 3 year old!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Welcome Back

It has been over a year since I last wrote anything on this site, man life sure does whizz past when you are not looking.
My gorgeous sons are now 3 and 15 months old, they drive us both mental everyday, but then they drive us insane with their cuteness and energy for life.

I'm remembering today where I was 5 years ago and it seems weird to think I was in a hotel room in Hong Kong on holiday. A totally different world from where I am today.

This week has been very busy with Birthday parties, as everyone from my coffee group has just had a 3 year old party. We took some friends for a train ride, something different. I think it was a perfect thing for a party that may not be remembered.