Friday, November 30, 2012

Coming Soon....!

Here is proof alone that someone is arriving sometime soon.......

This little man pointed it all out to me!
Even that they had reindeer waiting and that one of them was Rudolph!

Proof Rudolph does exist!
The local shopping mall all ready to go for the imminent arrival of all the helpers leading up to Christmas

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Planning Ahead

Now that I have finished my Degree I need to move on forward with my plans.
You know the ones....about becoming a teacher.

A few weeks ago I happened to see the application form for the course and realised that I am not ready for the course just yet.
I have no experince and my references would be weak.
So I decided that I need to plan for this course and get active in gaining the experience I require to stand me in good stead to get through the acceptance process when I finally go for it.

The application spoke about getting references from people who know you and have history with you in experience around children etc. Despite having my own 2 little people, this is an area that I do lack.
1 of my references will be my old manager, she has evidence of my education skills within nursing and would happily support me with a personal reference.
However my contact with school experince is limited, so I decided that maybe I need to spend sometime at school, maybe as a parent helper in a class room.

This would allow me to be in a class room setting and work along side a teacher who would hopefully be prepared to support my application at such time as I am prepared to submit it.

Today I approached our Principle to tell him of my plans and see how this fits in with the school.
Now luckily I know him on a personal basis as well so he was all open arms to my suggestion.
He is happy for me to spend 1 day a week in the class rooms next year, maybe even spending time in different age groups to gain experince in all areas of the school.
He also has ideas for some extra curriculum activites he wants to start within school time and thinks I would be super to support these with him, thus allowing me to also add to my experience the ability to coordinate and run a small class activity.

I really liked his thinking and feel this is going to be great for my plans. I love the idea of spending 2 terms in one area maybe Yr 5&6 (10/11 yr olds), then 1 term in another area, Yr 7&8, (12/13 yr olds) and splitting the 4th term between the remaining areas Yr 0-2 ( 5-7 yr olds) and Yr 3&4 (8/9 yr olds). This would allow me to spend a decent amount of time with the age group I would really like to be involved with but also get a small feel for the other areas involved in this type of teaching, cause you never know....I may have an area in mind but actually like a different age group once I have been involved with them!

So I am moving forward with my plans and feel great about them too.
Roll on next year, I am actually excited about it and can't wait for the summer holidays to get here so school can start again next year, with me there too!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Today I am thankful for family and friends and the beautiful sunshine we are having.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and enemies.
May you be enjoying a wonderful time wherever you are and that you don't eat too much.
May Black Friday be adventurous tomorrow and that you score some great bargains.

 Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Moment in History

Today for us but yesterday for others will be one of those days that goes into history.
It may become one of those days that people will have in their "Remember when..." files.

I think people will remember where and what they were doing when President Barack Obama won the campaign to serve "4 more years" in the White House.
It was important to us that the boys watch what was being shown here in New Zealand on the television about it, well we made them watch his acceptance speech.
Ben (9) was not sure why we were making him watch it, although we did explain that maybe one day he might remember it and realise what we made him watch.
Alex (7) sat on my lap and proceeded to draw the American flag in his notebook, making me count the stripes on the flags we watched being waved on the tv and working out how to draw the 50 stars.

I am glad we made them watch it, doubt they took much from it, but at least Ben will be able to join in the news discussion at school tomorrow.

I however decided that it was something that needed to be journalled. So I attempted my first public displayed scrap book page.
Quite odd that the first one I use has no pictures and is not too family orientated.

Thanks to Sweet Pea Designs for the ability to gain some free embellishments from her Proud American Freebie Posts. Not much call for American Election embellishments here in New Zealand, so really happy to discover her July 4th Freebies that worked just as well in my layout.

I am not sure about the date I have used on this LO though? As the election was all on Nov 6, but to us it was Nov 7. May alter the layout to show Nov 6 somewhere just for historical purposes?

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Scrap Booking Freebies

In my last post I mentioned how I had discovered digital scrap booking?
I am having fun learning all the ropes at present so no layouts to share just yet, but believe me, when I do they will appear thick and fast.

In the mean time I have been getting to grips with digital stores online, downloading zip files and learning how to unzip them and upload into my digital programme!
Believe me, lots for me to learn, luckily I have a very patient husband when it comes to computers and he will, at a push, happily show me how to do things on this electronic device that manages to have me very frustrated occassionally!

Anyway, onto the freebies.
You would not believe the amount of sites out there in that big old www world that has kits and papers for the digital scrap booker...!

My Memories is one of the wonderful stores I have come across and they have lots of freebies as well.
A side from that they have a blog and currently this weekend only they are celebrating International Digital Scrapbooking Day and there is a blog train flowing.

You start at the first station (designer) and you collect a free kit and then they tell you where the next station (designer) is located and you follow the link to the next place and collect the next freebie.
These freebies by the way are not just an embellishment, no we are talking full kits here, some with up to 50 items in the pack.

So if you have some time today and wish to find some wonderful new designers of awesome kits for scrapbooking, then head on over to the My Memories Blog and follow the train out of the station.

Choo Choo
Happy travels to you all