Monday, September 11, 2006

Welcome Back

It has been over a year since I last wrote anything on this site, man life sure does whizz past when you are not looking.
My gorgeous sons are now 3 and 15 months old, they drive us both mental everyday, but then they drive us insane with their cuteness and energy for life.

I'm remembering today where I was 5 years ago and it seems weird to think I was in a hotel room in Hong Kong on holiday. A totally different world from where I am today.

This week has been very busy with Birthday parties, as everyone from my coffee group has just had a 3 year old party. We took some friends for a train ride, something different. I think it was a perfect thing for a party that may not be remembered.

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Good News said...

Hi Kathyrn,

I am Raffy Perfecto from the Philippines. Thank you for your articles about life in New Zealand.

I am already 61 years old but it has been my dream to migrate to new zealand or australia.

Thank you for keeping my dream alive.


Raffy Perfecto