Thursday, September 15, 2011

Celine Dion

Many years ago (like maybe 6yrs), Steve brought me the dvd of Celine Dion's "A New Day" Las Vegas Show.
This is a 2 disc set. On one disc you have the whole show & song selection and on the other you have the back stage pass (the whole show from behind the scenes) and Show secrets.

Now everynow and then I get the whim to watch this dvd, or more to the point, put it on whilst doing something else in the house and having the volume up loud so I can sing to it whilst working.
Last week I put the disc on to listen to the show one evening, Ben got into it really well. He loved watching her dance and sing, he loved all the Cirque de Soleil dancers and even all the flying stuff up on wires.

Then he had the pleasure of watching how everything happened from behind the scenes. He is now hooked.

It is his dvd of choice to put on in the evenings. On the way to school he will even ask me if we can maybe watch the disc when we get home, after doing homework of course!

He is slowly learning the songs and will happily sing along to it all.
Luckily for him she is one of my favorite singers, so he has no worries about getting to know her work as mummy has several cd's of her music.

When ever he hears people talking on the radio about concerts he now asks me who I would like to see in concert? Adele, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars? He always manages to come back to Celine and ask if I want to see her, yes I always say, he then agrees and says 'ok mummy but could I come too?'


kimara said...

That is sooo cute! When he gets older you can remind him of that tidbit!

Laurie said...

Remember my words a few years back ...Ben is going to be musical and sing and dance ... still think he would like ballet....
hugs Mum x