Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another Proud Day

This time it is the boys who had a day to be proud of.
Today they both competed in the Weetbix Try-athlon (TRY being the main part of this event)
It is not a competition, you are not racing against people or a clock, you are there to give it a go and have as much fun as possible.
It consists of a 50 or 100m swim, depending on your age.
A 1.5km bike ride and a 1.5km run/walk

This year was Alex's first ever time. For the last 2 years he has stood by and watched his big brother do the event, because he was not old enough to enter! But not this year, this year he was there, he was ready and he was primed ready to race.

My little Try-man

Waiting for the quick 50m swim

Swim over now on to transition and start that bike ride (you can just make him out in the middle of the picture!)

Dry shirt and then we will be off

pedal, pedal, almost there

Bike complete now onto the run

The finish line is in sight

Cold drink just what I need after that event

Well done: One very happy Try-man
 This year was Ben's 3rd try-athlon, he just loves doing it.
Unfortunately due to it being Alex's first event, then I got to watch all of Alex's parts but Ben's swim started whilst Alex was coming home from the bike ride and switching to the run. This will be a continuing problem from now on with them both competing, but we will deal with it each year and just alternate between who watches which child.
Alex and I were however at the finish line as Ben came home, so I did get some pictures of him.

My big Try-man

Finish line is in sight

Well done, #3 completed, roll on next year.
Well done both of you, very proud of my try-men for giving it a go. Especially as running is not Ben's strong point. Let's do it all again next year.


Bron said...

Congratulations to your two little stars. xxx

111 LaLa Lane said...

Congratulations Ben and Alex. My husband is a triathlete and it warms my heart to see the little ones getting started so early. Nice job, mom.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Wow - that's so great!

Alison said...

Well done to your young men!

Alison xx

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ahhh how fun for both boys! Way to go little guys!!!

I hear you with the switching off between kids it always works like that ... lol