Monday, March 25, 2013

Love My Blog

I do love my blog, well I may not be showing it at present as I am AWOL more than I am present but hey who is counting or checking?

Anyway, why I love my blog?
I am currently going through my picture storage programme on the computer. This programme allows me to store my pictures in date order, I can tag the picture with when it was taken and also who is in the picture.
This means when I have a folder for 'Ben May 2006', I can click on this folder and it will show me all pictures that have Ben in it taken in May 2006.
Ok this means some of the pictures have multiple tags if all of us are in the picture but it makes scrap booking much easier when looking for pictures of people around the same time frame.

However, when we changed programmes we had some pictures that had the wrong date on them, we remember having a period of time when the camera was saying the wrong date and we couldn't get it to change to the correct one, I think this might have been just before we replaced it.
This means that we have pictures of Alex that say they were taken on Jan 6, 2005.
No worries there you may say....apart from the fact Alex was not born until June 2005! So looks really weird when viewing in date order to suddenly have Jan 2005 come up with Alex walking along the street in a picture and him as a newborn in the next one!

This is where the "I love my blog" part comes in....I noticed that some of the pictures I was trying to redate had had the name altered, thus meaning I must have labelled them to upload to the blog, so I skipped back through the archives and there are the pictures in a blog post at the correct date.
So my life has just been made easier, as it is easy to relabel pictures when the proof is right in front of you on the computer screen.

Man I love my blog sometimes!

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Alexis AKA MOM said...

Hey I love love anything that makes my life easier!!

I love your blog too :)