Saturday, September 28, 2013

Month in Numbers for August

Another month has gone by and I almost missed out on my month in numbers for August.

Julie over at Notes on Paper is probably just finalising her post for a few days time for her September numbers and here I am only just doing August, but hey, better late than never!

I managed to capture only 2/3 of the communal counts:
How many people visited your house this month = 1
How many usually live here = 4 people + 2 cats

You too can join in with this data collection for yourself each month if you are interested. Julie has an amazing page over on her blog that explains all about what we are insanely doing each month.
It doesn't have to be anything huge, you could even just start with the communal count that Julie has started each month in conjunction with MiN.

For September we have to consider counting the following:

  1. How far do you now live from the first school you attended?
  2. How much does a pint/litre of milk cost where you live? How much did you buy this month?
It really is quite easy to count your month, just keep a little note book near the diary in the kitchen or on a notice board in your home communal area and add things to it throughout the month. You will be surprised the information you consider counting!

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Julie Kirk said...

Aw, what a lovely description and write-up you've given My MinN! Thanks so much. And - after years of finding interesting and different ways of writing about numbers I've never landed on the phrase 'data collection' until now. I'm going to store that one away for the next time I need to explain what on earth it is I'm doing!

As for your numbers - I hope the birthdays and the reconnecting with a friend have balanced out some good times amid those health appointments. And I hope the unexpected bus ride was a happy adventure ... and not some terrible detour!

Have a wonderful new month ahead - you're on the board now I've added you to the board now:

Thank you for joining in one again.

Julie :-)