Friday, August 26, 2005


I have a fridge magnet that says "Try to think of it as a short time in your child's life when they need you a lot"

This I understand, but it sometimes doesn't make it easy. IT is frustrating and makes me feel inadequate!

I love my sons dearly, but then I feel so sorry for my partner who comes home at the end of the day and I still haven't managed to clear up the lounge or the bedroom. I worked out the other day at 3am as feeding my youngest son, that 1 pair of shoes had been out of the wardrobe for nearly 6 weeks, since I has last worn them. Why hadn't I put them away earlier I hear you all cry? Well I have never had the time to get in the bedroom and sort them out, that is, without my 2 year old coming with me, touching everything, reorganizing the pile of washing I have just folded and generally making it impossible to do anything.

The same thing happened today. My baby son was a sleep in his bassinet in our room, my 2 year old was playing with his colour pencils in the lounge and I thought I would take this 2 minute opportunity to fold the washing from the rack in the hall. I could see the 2 year old and hear the baby, but what happened....My 2 year old came into the hall way, screamed at me loudly, woke the baby and pulled all the washing I had folded onto the floor, thus putting me back where I had started, but now with his brother a wake after only 20 minutes of a nap!

Some days I just don't bother, but it still makes me feel totally inadequate all the time.

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