Thursday, October 12, 2006

Beautiful Ben

I am very proud of my big little boy, Ben.
Today we took him for his appointment with the Special Education - Speech Laungage Therapist. We were concerned because at 2 years old he had a total vocabulary of 10 words, everything you read says they will have 200 at that age!
Anyway, he had increased his vocabulary quite a lot in the last 4 months but still not enough for us to feel comfortable with him, so off for the appointment we went. (Alex stayed at home with my cousin, so we could totally focus on Ben)

The 2 ladies we saw were wonderful, making us feel at ease from the moment we walked in. They sat and talked to us about Ben and then watched him while he played with the toys around the room, all at the same time commenting to us and also interacting with Ben. They made comments like"does he always play so quietly?" and "that was a 6 word sentence he just spoke then"

Eventually they annouced to us that he was fine, yes he has limited vocabulary, but the vocabulary he does have, although he may not use the whole word, he used the words correctly and in the right context. They are happy with the amount of sentences he is coming out with, again he has a small amount of words but making sentences with what he has very well.
They gave us some super little tips on ways to encourage him to say things and how to repeat things he has said. And yes they want to do a follow up appointment in 6 months but they don't feel there will be anything to worry about, although if at the next appointment they find he still isn't prepared to use the whole word then speech therapy down the track may be of some assisstance.

At the end of the day Steve and I were relieved but glad we had followed through. As we said to each other " it was reassuring to know that everything is fine"

Although when that was all over we then had to go home to our other lovely little bundle of joy who was at home with a nice high temp of 38 deg.
As his eye got gunkier and gunkier over the day I made the decision to take him to the doctors, because I couldn't believe his gunky eye was the total cause of the high temps (highest being 39.1)
After a 35 minutes wait due to a very sick patient with the doctor, she had great pleasure in informing me that Alex has raging tonsillitis and needs anti bugs. So much for me thinking I could just dose him with Pamol and hugs, although apart from the added antibugs, that is all he is getting, although he does have mummy all to himself tommorrow as I will not be going to work.

So a typical day in the life of a young family really. Nothing happens for a while and then everything happens all at once.

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