Sunday, October 08, 2006

Inside Play

Not much has happened over the last couple of weeks. Ben and Alex have just been discovering each other. They have now realised that they can play together and have lots of fun.

They push each other around the house having such fun.

Ben has also discovered that he can control Alex, mainly because Alex is like his little shadow! he will follow him almost anywhere.

Unfortunately the down side of this is that Alex was too eager on the climbing frame the other evening and landed head first on the deck! Yes there was screaming, no there wasn't any blood, just one very sore little boy with a dent in his forehead.
But to make matters worse, the next day in his eagerness to chase Ben in the lounge, Alex dropped the toy he was carrying, tripped on it and landed mouth first onto another toy on the floor. Again yes there was screaming , and yes there was blood, although luckily it was from a very little cut in his mouth, although the bruise on his chin matches the one on this head so well.
We will try not to get another bruise today or Daycare will think we have been attacking him all weekend.

The other thing my boys like is to climb. daddy was only putting something away and there they were, up the ladder before we knew it!
And all good mothers make their kids tents when it is wet and yucky outside. The boys had such fun with this, and it brought back lots of memories for me as well.

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