Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ben's New Friends

Steve's brother, Pete came down today to help Steve change some weather boards on the house.
Of course that meant his 2 little companions came with him.Jamie and Tilly
Alex was none too pleased at this, as when they arrived he wasn't prepared for the 2 little monsters to come running in the door, and I think this spooked him for the rest of the day! He was not a happy chappy when they were around, although by the time bedtime came round, he was a little calmer with them and they didn't seem to bother him so much.

Ben on the other hand thought this was great and kept wanting them to come into his bedroom and play with him, which of course they wouldn't! But that didn't stop him talking to them all day and constantly looking after them. He had a ball with them and thought the dogs were great. Was always asking where Tilly and Jamie were if he couldn't see them.
This is Jamie. She is 10 and a lovely placid dog

This is Tilly, she is 2, Jamie is her mum. She is just like her mother, but very mischievious just like a little child, into everything, wants to see everything and definitely thinks she is missing something the whole time.

Looks like we might have to think about a pet when we get to Hamilton, or at least when we buy our own place down there. We had thought of a new pet, ever since Ferris passed in May 05, but what with Alex arriving 4 weeks after Ferris left us, we decided that 2 small kids under 2 was enough for now, but that we would look at it again perhaps when they were a little older to appreciate a pet.

Looks like that time may have arrived.

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