Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Price of Milk

A current affairs programme here in NZ covered a story last night about the cost of milk.

Seems that in many countries the price of 2 litres of milk has risen more than anyone predicted.
Why is this so controversial, the goverment here have just started a campaign aimed at parents called "Feeding our Future" giving everyday tips on how to build happier healthy children.

One of their campaigns is that you do not need to give children sugary drinks, water and milk is sufficient.

This is great, but as a family of 5 showed, the price of the shopping bill was way beyond their means when mum allowed their kids to drink more than a glass of milk a day including breakfast cereal.

Her arguement was why does 2 litres of Coke cost nearly half as less as 2 litres of milk?

I can see her point, the amount of shopping trolleys I see at the supermarket ladened with Fizzy drinks because it is on 99c special for 1.5lt, compared to nearly $4 for 2lt of milk is huge.

With my two little monsters I have just got into the milk issue, Ben wasn't much of a milk drinker, like me, but Alex thinks milk is great and wants to try and help himself to milk when ever the opportunity arises.

So as you can see, my shopping bill is going to start rising significantly if Alex keeps on the way he is going.

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