Monday, September 06, 2010

I Close My Eyes

Drew back the curtains,
To see for certain,
What I thought I knew,

And I can tell you for certain that I knew the boys would love going to see 'Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat'.
Ben loved every minute of it, especially when Joseph ran up the aisle towards the end slapping high 5's and he managed to be one that got a high 5. He was even more excited after that.

Alex was not 100% sure on the whole thing. Seemed to love the first half but then decided at the interval that in fact it was time to "go home now" and it took a lot of discussing to get him to realise that we were not leaving yet!
However the 2nd half proved to be lots of fun and he was clapping and dancing just like everyone.

Unfortunately some stupid person me taught them the main song and so we have had 2 little people running around the house singing the following....

"A crash of drums,
a flash of light,
my golden coat flew out of sight,
the colours faded into darkness I was left alone..........!
May I the beginning"

That is all they remember for now, but obviously they enjoyed the show enough to remember the song.
The production was awesome, I have seen this show several times over the years and this was a great one. Even Steve was well impressed with the production.

But then this show never dates and can be enjoyed time and time again. Sadly it may be several years before it comes back to Hamilton because it was the local Operatic Society that put on the show and I know they won't be repeating it for at least 10yrs given all the wonderful shows they could put on instead. (They last did Joseph in 1987 and next year they are doing 42nd Street) So maybe a big international company will bring it to Auckland one time and we can have a weekend away watching it up there? Can live and hope.

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