Saturday, September 04, 2010

Time Flies

This time 7 yrs ago I was huffing and puffing my way around the living room as I tried to convince Steve that this was no longer Braxton Hicks contractions and could just be that the little person inside was trying to get out.
It is now 9.30pm and 4 hours from now Ben was born.
I always (as mentioned in posts before at this time of year) love this day, as I get to reflect on the lead up to Ben's birthday before his actually birthday takes place. I always get all day and then a sleep and then we celebrate and of course this year with him turning 7 we are not allowed to forget it!

I think we have had a running countdown to this special day for the last 23 days!

Today he had his party, well not that he got one, he was allowed to invite 2 friends to do something special. So we went indoor rock climbing and then to McDonalds for lunch.
They all had a blast and I got some awesome pictures of them all up walls hanging and climbing. I will get them loaded tomorrow.
Tonight Grandma was a round for dinner so we did the whole birthday thing with her here. Banners up on the curtains and lights out as the candles were lit. It was great.
Although presents and cards are ready for tomorrow morning, got to have them on the main day.

Tomorrow is also Father's Day here in New Zealand, so 2 things to celebrate.
We are actually going to see a production of 'Joseph' tomorrow afternoon which should be a lot of fun. I love the music and have already played some of it to Ben and now he is familiar with some of the tunes, think we will have a great time at the show.

Have a great weekend folks. If you are celebrating then have fun and enjoy.

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Needled Mom said...

Happy birthday, Ben. We have a granddaughter who turns 11 tomorrow.