Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Night Sew In

Handmade by Heidi

Now I know that many of you are fans of this because I have seen your posts popping up telling me about your latest achievement on a Friday night.
Because I have not been sewing etc then I have never felt the urge to participate or show any interest, but with my stitching mojo returning, and the fact that I am planning on doing some stitching tonight, then I decided that for once I would join in the fun and maybe have some results to show you all afterwards.

However at this stage I am sure my evening will be filled with planning rather than actually sewing, but hey, we all know that you can't stitch anything unless you have some planning.

It may also be filled with coming to grips with the new computer programme I have just purchased PCStitch which is a cross stitch design programme for the computer.
I use to have one, many moons ago, and last month I decided to get it out and think about loading it onto the computer to be used again, however what I didn't count on was the fact it had been so many years since I had last looked at it that I had forgottten that it was all on hard disks rather than the usual round CD disks of today.
I have quite a little chuckle to myself at the time wondering where I was going to load these 6 black disks, also realising just how much we have moved forward in the last 10 years with the computer etc

So happy stitching for tonight, lots hope you get some stitches stitched on something.


Linds said...

It is all about inspiration, isn't it - then a shove to get moving! I am really looking forward to seeing what you are going to make. The planning is important! I find that when I sew, the cutting takes time, and then the quilting. If I make quilts. But if not, then it is the cutting and prep before I dew a stitch!

Cheryll said...

Planning is good too ! Can't start without a plan... :)