Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Near our caravan is 2 gorgeous little townships.
Waihi in one direction and Katikati in the other.
They are both about the same distance away and depending on what we need will depend on which one we go to for supplies.

They both have their own quirky little bits about them.
Waihi is a gold mining town with apopulation of about 4500 and Katikati (pop 3500) is known for its many murals painted on walls of commercial buildings, started in the 1990s as a project to regenerate tourist interest in the town and district, indeed the effort was recognised with the bestowal of New Zealand's 'Most Beautiful Small Town' award for towns of less than 8,000 population in 2005 by the Keep New Zealand Beautiful Society.

I have yet to take any pictures of the beautiful art work throughout Katikati town but I have taken pictures of the fun statues throughout Waihi.
In fact I will invite anyone to go to Waihi with kids and not have a good time for 10 minutes looking at all the statues around the town.

All around the town there are several beautiful statues depicting the old days.

I think everyone who goes to Waihi with kids has a picture exactly like this!

Bath time

I'll just rinse my feet thanks

There are more statues than this but I only have pictures of these ones, next time we are at the caravan then I think we need another day out to Waihi and some more pictures of the fun around Waihi

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