Saturday, November 03, 2012

Scrap Booking Freebies

In my last post I mentioned how I had discovered digital scrap booking?
I am having fun learning all the ropes at present so no layouts to share just yet, but believe me, when I do they will appear thick and fast.

In the mean time I have been getting to grips with digital stores online, downloading zip files and learning how to unzip them and upload into my digital programme!
Believe me, lots for me to learn, luckily I have a very patient husband when it comes to computers and he will, at a push, happily show me how to do things on this electronic device that manages to have me very frustrated occassionally!

Anyway, onto the freebies.
You would not believe the amount of sites out there in that big old www world that has kits and papers for the digital scrap booker...!

My Memories is one of the wonderful stores I have come across and they have lots of freebies as well.
A side from that they have a blog and currently this weekend only they are celebrating International Digital Scrapbooking Day and there is a blog train flowing.

You start at the first station (designer) and you collect a free kit and then they tell you where the next station (designer) is located and you follow the link to the next place and collect the next freebie.
These freebies by the way are not just an embellishment, no we are talking full kits here, some with up to 50 items in the pack.

So if you have some time today and wish to find some wonderful new designers of awesome kits for scrapbooking, then head on over to the My Memories Blog and follow the train out of the station.

Choo Choo
Happy travels to you all


Mikazuki said...

Sounds cool! I love scrap-booking and collaging, so I'll definitely check it out.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Those are great! Love them.