Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Moment in History

Today for us but yesterday for others will be one of those days that goes into history.
It may become one of those days that people will have in their "Remember when..." files.

I think people will remember where and what they were doing when President Barack Obama won the campaign to serve "4 more years" in the White House.
It was important to us that the boys watch what was being shown here in New Zealand on the television about it, well we made them watch his acceptance speech.
Ben (9) was not sure why we were making him watch it, although we did explain that maybe one day he might remember it and realise what we made him watch.
Alex (7) sat on my lap and proceeded to draw the American flag in his notebook, making me count the stripes on the flags we watched being waved on the tv and working out how to draw the 50 stars.

I am glad we made them watch it, doubt they took much from it, but at least Ben will be able to join in the news discussion at school tomorrow.

I however decided that it was something that needed to be journalled. So I attempted my first public displayed scrap book page.
Quite odd that the first one I use has no pictures and is not too family orientated.

Thanks to Sweet Pea Designs for the ability to gain some free embellishments from her Proud American Freebie Posts. Not much call for American Election embellishments here in New Zealand, so really happy to discover her July 4th Freebies that worked just as well in my layout.

I am not sure about the date I have used on this LO though? As the election was all on Nov 6, but to us it was Nov 7. May alter the layout to show Nov 6 somewhere just for historical purposes?


Alison said...

A great page to share!
Alison xx

Maria Ontiveros said...

It was much more exciting for us four years ago when the President won the first time. We had champagne, and I did a lyaout about it. I need to dig that out and post it.

Abi said...

I like this page! We followed over here in England too!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Great page! It is so important to let the kids be part of moments in history.

I was to sad with the whole thing that I didn't let the boys watch.