Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tea Time

Today I would open my door with eagerness as it is bitterly cold outside and I wouldn't want you standing out there for too long. So stamp the mud off your boots and come in where it is nice and warm.

I guess you have come over here from Abi's, so nice to see you. I am actually quite glad to see you as I am home today and not at work as I was feeling all blah and low this morning so didn't go to work. So having a friend come over to visit for a while is just what I need today.

Let me get you a drink, as it is so cold outside then I can offer you coffee, tea or even a hot chocolate. I do have a few biscuits in the pantry but not much as we are trying to cut down on how many we get each week at the shops.

Well come on through to the living room, by the way did you see the small clear space on the study floor as you passed by? That is what I managed to clear this morning of the boys toys, let's see how long it stayes like that for.

So what have you been up to? How is work? Are the family all well?
I do so love to sit and chat and catch up with everything that has been going on in our lives.
Work for me is going well, I am enjoying my 2 jobs and managing to combine them together nicely. I am still enjoying helping out at school 1 day a week and have become inspired to try and come up with things the children can do that runs along side their topic of that week.
Oh by the way, please come and see the back garden, isn't it looking so nice now that we have grass growing out there? It has only taken us 5 years to get to this stage, but I am impressed with it.

And as I have just remembered that this is your first time to visit me here is a flash back of what the garden looked like when we brought the house.

I am very proud of the work my husband has done out there.

My other news to tell you about is that both of my cousins are having babies this year. One is due in about 3 weeks time and her sister is due in September. The boys are so excited they love little ones and can't wait to babysit. If they had their way we would be babysitting for them in the first week, but I have had to explain that maybe we will wait until they are being bottle fed before we have sleepovers!

Is your drink alright, do you need a top up? maybe another biscuit before you have to rush away?
It was so nice of you to stop by and visit today, although I hope the bitter cold snap we are having passes soon as it is icy cold when you open the door at the moment, so when you leave please do wrap up warm and don't hand around outside too long I would hate for you to get cold.
I look forward to meeting up with you again next month and hopefully we will all have lots to tell each other.

Take care and thanks for stopping by x x


Abi said...

What an improvement on that garden and how exciting about the arrival of two little ones! Thank you so much for joining me for tea this month!

Fiona said...

Thanks for the tea, and your garden is looking great, well done.