Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Family Time

We are still Geocaching and are now onto about our 15th find.
In fact all the family are enjoying it.

Stealth movement is required at some sites as you do not want 'muggles' (none geocaching people) to know what you are doing.
This is important as you do not want people tampering with caches and stealing or destroying them!

Sometimes you need to just act normal, well as best as is humanly possible......

just chillaxing in the sun and wind
Just watching the planes come in!
Waiting for people to pay more attention to the planes than what we are doing!


alexa said...

That's a nice nonchalant photo - you are clearly all getting used to pretending you're there just for the view :).

Bron said...

Geocaching is awesome fun...we don't get out all that often but have just clicked over 300 on our last little family week away. Love your casual nothing to see here photo. xx