Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason.
Somewhere there is a plan and whilst some things may happen unexpected I do believe if it was meant to be then it would have been.
If it didn't work out then there was a reason why it was not meant to work out, usually because you go on to do something much better.

Take my job for instance.
I got turned down for a job I applied for last year.
This year I got a new job, different company but doing the same sort of thing in a round about way.
However the person that turned me down for the position is now someone who I work with occasionally. So whilst she gets to maybe see that I probably wasn't right for the first job she now gets to see what I am capable of and how with a little bit of guidance and teaching I may have been perfect for the job if given the chance!

For some reason, which I can not explain, last night I decided to check Blogger.
The address is on my tool bar and when ever I am on the internet I see it but I just pass over it.
Last night I felt I needed to view it and this in turn lead to me reading a post over at Notes on Paper.
The post was all about getting into blogging more and how to increase the posts you write.
Now we are not saying that everyone has to write 30 posts a month, just that if you are currently writing 2 posts a month and you would like to increase to 4 posts a month then this post may help you to identify some ideas on what you could write about.

Suddenly I have a series of posts to read to assist me with getting back into blogging.
It is almost as if Julie was writing this post just for me, as an encouragement, a teaching or just a gentle prod in the tummy to remind me that I can do it and here is some help along the way.

Now I have to go off to study and plan. See what is happening in my world that I can utilise and then come at this with some degree of force.

Catch you soon

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Julie Kirk said...

Well well ... I'm *also* a believer that things happen for a reason ... and I just thought I'd pop over for a visit after reading your kind blog comment. And here you are talking about me! How's that for happening for a reason! I got goosebumps reading the quotes you used.

I do hope the series continues to encourage you. Thank you so much for taking time to mention the series.

I'll share your post across my social media ASAP.

Julie :-)