Monday, July 19, 2010

No School

Over the years of parenting, which when we really look at it is not that much for me at present (7yrs)! People have always given me advice on different stages of growing wonderful children.

For some reason, which I am not going to complain about, Ben seems to have managed to quietly slide through most ages at present with no real problems.
He is quiet, placid and just goes with the flow.
Yes we have had our fair share of problems with him, but nothing to really panic over.

BUT then we had Alex, and boy is he making up for everything we didn't have with Ben!
He is moody, loud, can hold a stubborn grudge and generally tests the waters with every move of every breath of everyday!

Last night at dinner he announce 'I don't want to go to school tomorrow'
I just played it off as something to say on the night before school holidays ended, knowing he had had a full on holiday and I must admit I wasn't too thrilled with going back to work after a week off.

Unfortunately this morning it wasn't quite so easy to shrug off.
At 7am he announced again that he didn't want to go to school
At 7.10am I was trying to get him to come out from under Ben's bed
At 7.25 Steve managed to get him out from under the bed and sitting on the bottom of the stairs
I got his uniform into a bag, along with some breakfast and made sure everyone else was ready to go.

We then informed Alex that we all had to go to work and school and he had to come with us.
So he did, in his pyjamas and still wearing his nighttime nappy.
They dropped me off at work, where I immediately went and found my manager and informed her that I had to leave again and that I would be back before 9.30am as Alex did not want to go to school. She was really good and just smiled and waved me away.

When I arrived at school, I found Alex in his uniform eating breakfast at before school care. He seemed quite happy although he wasn't too interested in playing with others.
He had earlier mentioned that he was scared of school, so I wanted to stick around and see him into his classroom in case there was a problem there.
Everything flowed nice and he was settled into class fine, way before the bell rang and with no problems we could see.

The teacher informed us later on in the day that she could not find out the reason for him being scared either and that maybe we were just unlucky today. He apparently had a great day and was very caring and sharing all day.

Unfortuanetly a friend was not so lucky with her 7yr old. She got him to the school but spent 15 minutes getting him out of the car!
She then spent another 15 minutes trying to get him off the pavement and into the school.
It ended when one of the teachers came out and assisted another teacher by actually holding him, whilst he screamed the street down, whilst mum quickly jumped in the car and drove away!
Apparently the rest of his day was super, he just had holiday itus like Alex!

Don't you just love kids??

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kimara said...

Kids! They sure keep us entertained and frustrated at the same time. I am following up on the comment you made on my blog! You blogged like over 300 times in a year!!!! You are amazing. I am shooting for 40 yikes!