Tuesday, July 20, 2010


We regularly find Alex a sleep with Ben in Ben's bed at night.
We know that Alex will sometimes complain about not wanting to go to sleep on his own, not sure why as he shares a room with Ben and their beds are no more than 2 metres apart! but we were never sure as to who invited who into the bed?
Did Ben suggest Alex come and sleep with him?
Or did Alex keep moving over and snuggling next to Ben?

The other night was no exception, this is what I found when I went up to bed......

Now Alex will even take his pillow, wheat bag and bears with him sometimes.

So we asked them how this all goes down. The answer.....

Ben apparently invites Alex to snuggle with him until we go to bed because he knows that he doesn't like sleeping on his own. He would in fact like Alex to stay there all night.
Although this is not such a good idea, as Ben fell out of bed the other night and it was because Alex was with him at the time and managed to move him over so he lost balance, a little like the picture above, Alex has a great habit of taking over the bed and pushing the original owner out!

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