Monday, July 05, 2010

What's Been Happening

School holiday time again!
The boys have 2 weeks off, actually really happy about it because they are very tired.
Alex is loosing it very easily at present and unfortunately dinner tonight was one of the occassions. Steve however stuck to his guns when dealing with him and Alex suddenly left the table with a strong word from Steve and was in his pyjamas and up in bed before I had really understood what was going on!
15 minutes later when I checked on him, he was sound a sleep! Plain and simple....he was tired.
Think he might have grasped that sometimes when you upset Mum and Dad, you don't always get your way!

Ben on the other hand needs the holidays because he keeps coming down stairs crying saying he is having a bad dream about a movie. Usually it turns out he is remembering a movie he has watched at school, at sometime, because Ben has the wonderful ability of remembering things from weeks ago.
So even though I am now feeling that when school goes back I need to go and discuss with the Teacher exactly what movies the kids have been watching in class? I can't be sure as to exactly when these movies were watched, we could be looking at more than 6 weeks ago!
We just have to keep reminding him about more happier movies, like the up coming Toy Story 3, that we are hoping to have a family trip to see next week during the holidays.

Me, well I have been working. Although today I had the pleasure of attending a 10 hour study day on Level 5 Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
By the time I got home at 6pm I was tired and believe me if anyone had collapsed on the bus or in the street I would have happily kicked them under the nearest bush and just kept on walking by!
I was sick and tired of chest compressions, heart rates and whether the person had a pulse or not!
By the end of the day I had had enough of trying to work out if there was anything else we could do to keep the patient alive or whether they needed to be shocked once, twice or even 3 times!
Work will be fun tomorrow, all those people needing treatments because they have maybe had a heart attack, I just hope no one goes off in my Lab tomorrow!

Steve has luckily got tomorrow off work to look after the boys for the day, not sure what they will be getting up to, but I have left them laundry to do.
I may come home in the evening to find they have spent the whole day playing on the Wii, although seeing as we all did that yesterday it wouldn't be too bad. I certainly won't be playing with them this week, seeing as I have a very sore arm and shoulder from playing too much Wii Baseball yesterday. I actually can't place my right arm behind my back at present, think I might have over done it a little!

Have been happily blog surfing tonight and found this wonderful blog to follow. I actually found out about it over at a friend Needledmom, she has had the pleasure of entertaining Flat Girl for the last 2 weeks. Seems this princess, from Australia, came to stay for a vacation and Needledmom showed her a great time. She is now winging her way to Canada, so I look forward to catching up on her next adventures. I also happened to notice that a lot of people offered her accomodation, people in Holland, NZ and others in the US. Looks like Flat Girl is going to have a wonderful summer vacation.

Hope those that celebrate it had a wonderful July 4. Bet the fireworks were beautiful?

Catch you all soon

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