Sunday, April 24, 2011


Yes I have been a little slow on completing these, although, as I always state, I am always thinking about them, so haven't totally forgotten them.
I have however completed 2 challenges in the last week or so but whilst being at the caravan I have been unable to load pictures from the camera so will do another post about them when I am home, so I can use photos taken to show all.

I have managed to complete the following:

#31 - Go for a walk on the beach in the dark.
#88 - Have a family meal by candlelight

I think I need to maybe print this list of challenges off and hang them in the kitchen, that way I will see them everyday and maybe manage to complete some more a little quicker.
Just wish there was a challenge on there for managing to finally get to a music concert to see my favorite band play or even managing to complete some official further study after not studying for over 10 years!
Maybe I will just keep those ones as personal ones I have managed to achieve, maybe off of my bucket list which is part of challenge #62.

Keep on challenging yourselves

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Katie said...

Love your challenge list - very inspiring! Good luck getting them completed :-)