Saturday, April 09, 2011

What Would You Do....?

Once again the Lotto has jackpotted to $32 Million.
What would you do?

I am sure everyone at some stage has sat and dreamt about how they would spend it, how much they would give away and whether they would give up their current job?

We are no different, we have done just that, in fact last weekend, whilst out for the evening Steve and I had that exact conversation.

There would be the obvious things to start with:
  1. Pay off the morgage
  2. Buy a new car or 2
  3. Take a holiday
  4. Put money in trust for the boys
Then we started thinking of the next level, how to help family, giving to charity and helping organisations close to us.

However selfish it sounds, I would not like to just turn all my family into millionaires, I would however like to make then comfortable, so I would put money in a trust for them that would allow them to be morgage free and maybe take a nice holiday.
Due to tax laws etc on the money you win, we couldn't just give them the money out right, but the trust could buy their house from them, they could then rent it from the trust for a year at a stupid amount, like $1 per week/month and then a year later buy the house back for a silly amount, again maybe $1.

We would also then consider charity donations. Steve is a diabetic, so this is a charity close to home for us, anything to assist others in not having to live with this infliction.
Breast cancer is a charity close at heart for me, and this is the main one I would want to support.
Steve however, does also support the Heart Foundation and I am sure we can stretch to a 3rd charity if decided upon.

The next thing we thought about, was who else to support?
Steve and the boys do Judo and we would love to support them in some way. They do so much for all the kids and the Dojo could definitely do with some work etc.
Also the boys school. It is an awesome place, but like all education facilities in NZ, there is never enough money. They have a great little school pool that needs work and it would be awesome to help support getting that well improved.

So those are our dreams for this week. Will let you know next week if we were successful :)

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