Sunday, April 17, 2011


I love watching movies, ok I am very select about the type I will watch, not in for much body count here I am afraid, although hubby loves high body count, so always a conflict when choosing a movie!
Give me a good comedy, family saga, romance etc and I am happy.
Since the boys have come along, we haven't got to the movies as much as we use to, but then we all know what that is like, but that is life and I am not going to go on about it.
We have taken the boys to some movies recently as well, managed to see Tangled over the Christmas break, which went down very well in this house, we then also got to see Yogi Bear, went down well with the boys, but can't say Steve and I are rushing to see it again, to the point that we will not be obtaining it on DVD when it becomes available.

We just saw Hop yesterday, it was ok, Alex wanted to leave after half an hour but we managed to convince him to stay, not rushing to see it again, but it might grow on the boys if they watch it again in a couple of months time.
We saw ads for a few that are coming out that we will endeavour to see Cars 2 and Kung Foo Panda 2. The boys both loved the first ones so will definitely give the 2nd ones a try.

Myself, well can't say there is much coming out that I wish to see, fancy seeing Arthur, the remake with Helen Mirren and Russel Brand, so that will probably be the next one to see.
However, we do have a lot of movies at home on DVD. If I like something then I tend to buy it to have at home to watch again and again.
I do find however, that you always get different things from the movie the 2nd or 3rd time round.
Last night we watched Kinky Boots, awesome movie, and got so much from it that I don't think I got last time, although it has been a long time since I last saw it.

I sometimes feel like I should give more movies the benefit of the doubt. I rushed out to see Blind Side when it was on last year, had heard great reviews about it and I love Sandra Bullock. However, not quite what I expected or thought it would come across as. I liked it, but it just didn't seem to sit well with me, must have missed some main points because it just seemed a little odd to me. Came away a little disappointed.
Then last weekend, I raided my brother and family's DVD draw in their house and came across it on DVD. Decided to bring it home and give it another try.
Really glad I did, understood it much better this time and actually enjoyed it. Not about to rush out an buy my own copy but glad I have now seen it again and understood how Sandra managed to get an Oscar for it.
The same goes for Valentines Day, after seeing it last year I decided that Love Actually was much better and this was just the American version of that. However I know have the DVD to watch and hopefully it will go down better the 2nd time......will wait and see on that one!


Kent and Leisy said...

my boys can't stop talking about cars 2! they are so so excited!! we'll be seeing it right when it comes out :)

kimara said...

Kinky boots? Sounds like a strange one! I loved the blindside. I thought it was amazing. They seem to throw out so many childrens movies now that so many of them aren't great! I can't wait to see cars 2 as well....we don't have little kids anymore but what the heck right!?