Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I know that lots of people are having trouble commenting on their friend's blogs, some blogs will let you comment whilst others will keep asking you for an account sign in?
I don't know what the probloem is anymore than you guys do but I have worked one thing out.
There are 3 ways that comments can be shown on a blog. The blog writer can decide to have the comments show up in one of the following ways:
  1. Seperate page - this way when someones comments, the comment field pops up as a balloon on the page and when finished you close it and you are then still at the blog site.
  2. Full page - when you comment this takes you to a new page with all the comments down the left side and the comment field on the right. To get back to blog you are reading you ahve to hit back key.
  3. Embedded below post - when you comment, you are taken to another page where the comment and comment field are at the end of the post.
I have worked out that all the sites I am having trouble commenting on all have their comments set as "Embedded below post"

How do I change this so friends can continue to comment, I hear you say?

Easy - go to settings on the dashboard, click on the blue word comments within the settings tab, (do not click on the comments tab next to settings tab)
3rd down is the 'Comment Form Placement' here you can choose how your comments field shows when someone wants to leave a comment. If you have embedded below post, consider changing to one of the other styles.
Go to bottom of page and click Save.

People should now be able to leave you a comment

Hope this helps

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