Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Egg

Ben's class are egg sitting or more to the point egg caring.
Yes, they have an egg each and they have to care for it during the week.
Unfortunately some eggs have already cracked under the pressure of being cared for by 7/8 yr olds.

They do not have to do anything special with these eggs, just still have them in one piece on Friday.
I learnt today that apparently they do have to look after them during lunch break but they seem to have devised a plan to get some of the girls to egg sit so nobodys egg gets broken.

Not sure what happens on Friday when all is finished but we will wait and see.
Not actually sure even what they have learnt from this but will wait with baited breath to hear what Ben has to say when it is over on Friday.


John said...

I know a lot of folks who don’t eat eggs (they’re allergic, for health reasons, or concerns about animal cruelty). Here’s an awesome site that gives tips on cooking and baking without eggs:

Catherine said...

Just to let you know I have also been inspired by Miriam at Make It Give It and have also started with the 100 challenges .. .. ..