Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Frustration Again

Yet again I am writing a post entitled 'Frustration'
I last wrote one just over a year ago and now I am writing another on exactly the same subject.

Frustration at being home from work with a sick child.

Now don't get me wrong...I love my children and they mean the world to me, there is nothing I wouldn't do for them.
I also know there is nothing that can be done when they are sick, you just have to love them and help them through it.
BUT that doesn't help work!

In January I was off for a week sick, I had a medical certificate to back me, so no worries.
In March Alex was sick and I had a few days off with him.
Ben got sick somewhere along the line and Steve happily took time off.
Alex also had another 2 days off somewhere else and we both shared that time, taking 1 day off each.
In May I got a nasty viral chest infection and ended up with a week off again.

By now you can guess that I have used up all my sick time from work!

Unfortunately on Saturday night the babysitter informed me that Alex had redness on his back. Thought nothing of it and promptly forgot.
On Sunday morning Alex informed me that the redness on his back was bigger, like all of his back, he had a nasty rash.
It wasn't chicken pox (no spots) and it wasn't measles, German, English or any other nationality!
It started to fade by the end of the day, well it was still under the skin but just not so prominant. The dose of Phenergan also helped I feel.
Monday there was still a hint of rash but nothing else. He went to school and I to work.
Last night unfortunately Alex looked like he had done 6 rounds with a mosquito, hive type bumps all over his legs and back!
So another quick visit to the emergency doctors only to be told he has a viral infection and that .....wait for guessed is contagious! So no school.

So here I sit, at home with Alex who is feeling fine apart from so itching.
I got so frustrated last night I actually called the emergency doctors and demanded a medical certificate for Alex that I could present to my work, because it just made it much easier to swallow knowing I had something in writing from a Doctor.

So today, before going to see my manager, I went and saw the manager above her. Felt I really had to talk to her first before my direct manager informs her yet again that I am away sick!
She was understanding, grateful for the medical certificate and even asked if there was anything they could do to help me?

It makes me feel so useless, so unreliable. I hate that feeling of not being able to support the team and feeling that they may feel I am not a sure thing, cause you just never know when I might take a day off sick! In fact last time I was sick I actually went back to work way too soon and practically killed myself in the process and got sent home being told not to return until I was well again.

Oh well, life goes on. Got a week off in July for annual leave, aren't I lucky!

P.S - this is when I wished we lived next door to Grandma!

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Catherine said...

I hear you -
I had #1 home from school sick on Friday
And #2 home from kindy Monday and we stayed at home all day yesterday
Since I'm a stay at home Mum there is no pay sick holiday or any other kind for me -
However I've really enjoyed sitting in front of the fire watching old movies and just 'being' with my kids .. .. ..
Hang in there xxx