Saturday, July 23, 2011

Huge Update

So it has been 2 weeks since my last post. Lots has happened, life has kept going and I have just been trying my best to keep up.
I feel like I am in confession here "forgive me father, it has been 2 weeks since my last confession/post....!"

Anyway, here are some pictures and info about what we have been doing, decided to do a large post rather than sit and write many posts.

 At the beginning of June, Alex turned 6. Sometimes I am amazed that he even makes it to his birthday each year!
We had a great time and as usual I made a cake, as requested. I am at present, eternally grateful that neither of my boys have ever asked for a specific type of cake with a theme. They always want a chocolate cake, which is easy to do but they have never asked for a particular shape.
So for his birthday this year, he had a round simple chocolate cake, with frosting and sprinkles. That was it, nice and simple. No staying up half the night building trains and shunting yards with liquorice straps here.
Last year he wanted Ben 10 and again I happily helped by making a round cake with blue/green icing on top with a Ben 10 figurine. It was greatly accepted and loved. What more do they want or need?

 His request for his party this year was to go rock climbing.
Every year, for the first 5, we have done a party and it usually consists of family and some dear family friends. Never have they invited actually friends because up until then they have not really had any that were not family friends.
So I always said that their 6th birthday could be big as it was going to be the first one that they would have school friends. Ben happily agreed and had a big party for his, Alex however wanted 2 friends from school and his 2 cousins, total.
No matter how much we told him he could invite who ever, he stuck with those 4 and that was that. But then that is Alex for you, decision made end of story, no moving an inch yet alone a mile!
He had a great time so that was all that mattered.

 The first Judo fun day of the year came around in June and the boys were all excited about that. However Alex came out in a huge rash and did not feel great so he didn't compete but Ben did and he worked hard all day.
Which, if you do, then you get rewarded for your hard work and that for Ben was rewarded by winning the Gold medal in his class. He fought hard in all his fights, had some great fights (I wish I knew how to upload video because there is one I would love to show you all) he won everything and deserved that Gold medal.

However, as previously posted, a week later he broke his foot.
He got put in a backslab for several days which he managed with very well, however on day 4 it needed to be replaced and they placed him in a 3/4 cast (back and 2 sides, front left open) however this did not stop him in anyway. He took over the settee and played Wii all day.
2 days later the doctor decided that he actually was doing great and needed to not have a cast just a splint shoe for 3 weeks. So he is now walking on it (and running and jumping!! however much we try to calm him and get him to be gentle) and it is doing well. The swelling has reduced and so has the lovely blue/black/green colour from around his toes etc.
He doesn't complain of any pain so hopefully all is healing well. Soccer and Judo will be started again sometime in the new term but it will be a good 6 weeks after the accident to ensure all is healed and well ready.
However, with the fact we are in the middle of school holidays, then soccer and judo are not being missed as they are not happening, so all worked out well.

We are also doing some changes around the house, pulling a chimney down, flattening the back garden etc. I do have pictures but that is one thing I will definitely leave to do in a post by itself!

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