Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Party Time

We have just had a long weekend here, Queen's Birthday.
But with Alex's birthday then it has been a long weekend of party time.

Alex was lucky enough to get 3 cakes this year, but then it was a special occassion.

He took a cake to Daycare on Friday as this was his last day. Apparently he ended up with several cakes there, because they made one for him too.
Because his party was going to be on Saturday, then I made sure we had a small cake after dinner, just for the 4 of us.
Just a little ice cream cake with a candle.

Then at the party on Saturday he had his main cake.

Of course the party theme for this year was his dream party, Ben 10.
To say he likes this theme is putting it mildly, he gained t-shirts, jackets and even Lego of Ben 10!
He was in heaven and had a great day.

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Kent and Leisy said...

great cakes!! happy birthday alex!