Monday, August 15, 2011

Flying By......!

Time really does fly by when you are having fun.
Just read on my dashboard that I last posted on July 23, geez that was almost 4 weeks ago, life must have been good.

Life is good actually.
The family have suddenly discovered the joy of actually helping around the house and therefore having time to themselves.
For the last 2 weekends the boys have happily helped with what ever chores need completing, this has then been reflected in the fact that we all get to spend Sunday doing what ever we want.
Sitting around watching movies, reading books, filling the lounge floor with train track or lego.

Guilt free I have managed to sit and read a book and not worry that washing needs folding and put away or vacuuming done, cause it has all been finished and completed by the whole family.

However I am not holding my breath over how long this may last!
But if there is any one up there listening to my prayers.....then please help me to make this last at least a few more weeks.

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