Friday, August 19, 2011

Oppotunity Knocking

I am one that always believes that if you don't go for something when you see it, then you may miss out.
Life's an adventure and let's have some fun along the way.
The worst that can happen is that you fall on your behind and have to pick yourself up and start again, but sometimes that can be fun too.

I think my parents instilled this fun adventure into me, with the nomadic life we have lived then adventure is always something I am happy to go on.
Ok, I am not so sure if all the adventures the family have taken were what everyone wanted but I am sure looking back we had fun taking risks along the way.

2 weeks ago at work there was an ad for expressions of interest in joining a group to look at change and waste management within the hospital. Now waste management is looking at process and usage waste not good old fashion trash!

Anyhow, I showed my interest because it looked interesting. 1 quick group meeting to find out more info, the lucky chance of being called to a one on one meeting and this week I have been seconded for a year to the project as of Oct 1.

I am excited and looking forward to it. My current department is fun but not my total cup of tea. I sure can't see me staying here for the remainder of my career, so the ability to go away for a year is most apleasing to me.

The other advantage of moving to a desk job is that my blogging may stay up to date cause I will be able to post when I want to.

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