Sunday, August 21, 2011


Well it is not a large secret, just a little something that I have started but not told too many people about.
You see I joined the gym.

Now I know thats quite a shock but I felt I had to do something because I wasn't doing anything. Steve is doing Judo twice a week and many times he kept telling me to do something active.

So many weeks ago I joined and I am loving it.
I am not sure if I have lost any weight, but then I never joined to loose weight, I joined to get more exercise.

I have got into a routine, which is one of the important things about trying to get there regularly, I attend the gym at the same time as the boys going to Judo, it helps that the gym is just round the corner, so they drop me off on the way and I walk over when I have finished. I usually get to see the last 15 mins of their Judo.
I also go on a Wednesday morning after taking the boys to school.

So I am now attending 3 times a week, sometimes, although I must be feeling really unwell at these times, I have even been known to go on a Saturday morning.

The other day I had the worst day ever at work, I was seething when I finished work, and the feeling wouldn't go away, so I went and pounded it out on the cross trainer. And man did it feel good afterwards, I had calmed down considerably by the time I was finished and it felt good.

I am loving the feeling when I have been to the gym, I can see why some people can get addicted to it. However the gym is on the first floor and for the first few sessions I had trouble leaving each time due to the fact my legs were like jelly walking down the stairs. I admit I had to hold the handrail and walk slowly, but luckily that feeling has now passed and it is nice to have that stretching of my legs as I leave the gym.

The biggest help of all at the end of the day is the fact my family are behind me on this and make it as easy as possible for me to get there whenever I want.

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kimara said...

I am so proud of you! I got out of the habit of the gym and I am planning on starting again! I know the feeling of jelly legs. Keep it up. I have bin MIA this summer so it is nice to get back and catch up on your life!