Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Did you know that there is only 82 days until Christmas??
I can not believe that so many people are reminding us about it.
On Facebook and Blogger there seem to be reminders all over the place.

I guess it is now time to have a quick sit down with a cup of whatever you drink and see if there is anything you need or want to achieve/finish before those 82 days disappear?

Do you have some home made presents on the go that need completing?
Have you something to send overseas that needs organising to be able to get the early cheaper post?
Do you have a goal you are hoping to achieve?

For me.....I want to lose 3 more kilos, that is 1 per month.
That is what I have been achieving since February and that is my goal for the year.
Oh and also to finish my degree but seeing as that will be complete in 3 weeks time then I am not worried about that for now as I know it will be achieved.

So what are you aiming for...?


Alison said...

You've done really well with the weight loss Kathryn...I have 2 guest posts to write before the end of this month !
Alison xx

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Crud I don't want to think about it ... lol. It's getting so close and with it comes the family drama.

You are rocking it my friend! You're almost there! I can't wait to say that!