Saturday, October 13, 2012

Work In Progress

Our little house is a work in progress.
We always knew it would be and we were happy with that.
There is the garden to sort, bathroom, painting all over the house inside and out. Woodwork that needs replacing. Carpet to eventually be replaced etc etc.
I know for some this would drive them mental, but for us we are happy to just potter along and do things as we get to them.
Ok sometimes I am sure we could do with a little motivation, and yes life does just seem to wizz past us but we are getting there.
Of course unemployment does not help this situation at all!

1 little area that always needed sorting was the bathroom window.
It was fine and stable, does not leak and opens when needed.
However it was clear glass in the window.
Yep, someone in their ultimate wisdom had never put in frosted glass?
Now this didn't cause too many embarrassing situations as the window is actually higher than you realised once you got out on the driveway.
But we still discussed the fact we needed to get frosted glass in there at some stage.

The solution was presented to us by a friend....don't change the glass just place a frosted sticker on the window.
Steve finally remembered, after about 2 years, to find a website and low and behold they did all manner of different patterns on a frosted sheet that sticks to your window.
Very easy to install and very easy to remove if no longer required?

And guess what....due to the horrible weather that is hitting New Zealand as I type, he put it in place today and it took all of 15 minutes.

Now I can shower in peace knowing that no one can see me whilst there!


Laurie said...

Yipeee!! now sing altogether .... "congratulations and celebrations"

Retired Knitter said...

Yes, I know about works in progress when it comes to houses. We are living in one. But what needs to get done, gets done eventually on our schedule. We are OK with that.