Monday, July 08, 2013


So I go away for 1 week and suddenly I have so many posts to read on the blogs I follow!
Either I follow too many blogs or the ones I love catching up with are super good at posting lots of posts!

However seeing as I am resting up for the next week or so following surgery then I have all the time in the world to read the 63 unread posts that are showing on Bloglovin.
Yes I ventured out and joined Bloglovin.
Even by following Abi's little demonstration video I was able to set up little groups for the different types of blogs I follow and suddenly I can see what I want to read now and what I want to read when I have more time etc.

And time is something I suddenly have plenty of.
Believe me when you sit down and wish you could stay there and not do anything it is a lovely thought, until such time as you do actually have to sit there and do nothing, and I mean nothing......

No washing
No cooking
No cleaning

Ok so I am happy to not have to do any of that for a week but it is difficult to sit knowing the vacuuming needs doing, that the table needs wiping etc.
You also don't want to sound too nagging from your place in the chair with the blanket wrapped round you as you try so hard to point out that said jobs need completing.

But I really can't complain. All the washing has been done and is dry. The house has been vacuumed and the bathroom cleaned, well sort of. And last night we had roast chicken for dinner and it was so nice that I didn't cook it.
Now I remember that my husband is a great cook and I think there will be some turning of tables when I am back up and running, maybe like he can be in charge of dinner every Sunday or something like that?


Maria Ontiveros said...

Get well my friend!

Nicky said...

Hope all is well, best wishes for a speedy recovery, I can't imagine it is easy to sit and watch while everyone runs around after you(but enjoy it while you can)

Alison said...

Glad you're home....sounds like you're following doctor's orders!
Alison xx

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Put your feet up my dear!!!

You have done more then I have in the last few weeks ... LOL