Monday, July 22, 2013

Yesterday or Was That Last Week?

Even though I am sat at home not doing too much for July, the days can sometimes pass by very quickly.

Last week I decided that as I had nothing else to do then I would update myself with my scavenger hunt finds and see what else was needed and give it some thought as to how and where I would find such items.

#1 open air market - now this has to be easy, there is the farmer's market and another local market held every other weekend just down the road, just need to actually remember to attend one of them!

#6 someone or something taking a nap - come on I have 2 cats in the house, they do nothing but nap, just need to once again remember to get the camera out and take a picture!

#13 a fence - nice one outside my house or the house next to us or the one next to that or even the other 30 in the street!

And so the list goes on.
Of course the 1 item that everyone is having fun with is item 12 a cloud in the shape of something.

So I went outside to see what I could see;
I spy with my little eye.....

Not a cloud in the sky!
Hang on it is meant to be winter, aren't there meant to be clouds with the sun just barely shining through, perfect for shapes in the sky?

Today I remembered that I had this post to write and thought I would once again, while I had the time, check outside to see if I was going to be in luck with #12?

I spy with my little eye.....

True winter skies full of fog!
Which means that by lunchtime we will have blue skies again with not a cloud in the sky as the sun will have burnt away the fog.

Hopefully by September I might get to see a cloud?

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