Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tea Time Catch Up

Welcome on this lovely sunny Saturday, how lovely of you to have some time to spend with me this weekend.
I do love catching up with friends on the weekend, the week seems to go by so fast that I never have much time for it during the week.

You are in luck today as I made some Caramel Oat Slice the other day and there are still a few squares left, so let me put them on a plate for you and we can have a drink with them whilst we catch up.

This month for me has been very quiet, I have spent the whole month so far being reasonably good and resting in the house following my surgery at the beginning of July. Everything went well and I am mending nicely thank you.
Only problem is my current addiction to the computer game 'The Sims'.
What else was I meant to do sitting in the lounge all day on the lap top? I surfed all the sites I wanted and caught up with Bloglovin on a regular basis but that still left me with too much time on my hands!!

I guess the biggest thing to tell you about is the baby shower we had on the weekend just gone, not my baby shower by the way! My cousin's, she is due in September. Her sister just had a baby back in June so we are in baby fever at the moment in the family.
She decided that she didn't want a traditional shower with lots of ladies sitting around eating little sandwiches and blue cake (is a boy after all) and playing silly party games, she wanted a family get together where everyone could come together and have time to chit chat and a great laugh.
Talking of family here let me show you the crazy snaps from the baby shower, even though we were there to celebrate the little boy that is arriving soon unfortunately this little girl stole the show and the hearts of all that held her.

Yes my brother is actually feeding a baby
but the picture was meant to be of the 3 adults!
My Uncle and I while my brother go gaga over baby Leah

The star of the afternoon, baby Leah

My 12 yr old nephew thought she was adorable

This was him joking about how he could maybe get one to take home!

My husband being very cheeky to my cousin

Wish I could admit to not knowing any of this rabble
but the couple wearing glasses are Leah's parents!

Quick there is a baby.....let's take a 1000 pictures of her!

My own baby

Some more party rabble!

Every good Grandma making sure the baby stayes warm

 So that was our family rabble getting together to worship a darling little new girl who has joined the ranks of the family, poor wee thing, especially as once the royal baby was born her mother posted on Facebook that 'a future husband had been born!' and yes she stands a chance as she is half British.

Well I understand that this is turning into a busy weekend with others to catch up with, so I will let you go now. It is so lovely of Abi to hold these monthly catch ups so we can all visit each other for tea and cake, well if you are serving some.
I thank you for stopping by and I look forward to catching up with you again next month.


Maria Ontiveros said...

Thanks for the cup and the catch-up. Love the photo of the smiling 12 year old! So sweet . . .

Abi said...

Thank you for stopping for tea with me. What a celebration that little girl had! Glad to hear you are mending well.

Amy said...

It's lovely how a baby can bring a family together ... I have two sisters due within a week of one another! My mum is going to be very busy!

Miriam said...

Oh I love the picture of your nephew holding the new baby, his face is adorable! thank you for the tea and the catch up and congratulations to the new parents...

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Lovely photos of your 'rabble'! I love the shot of your nephew smiling over the baby. So sweet :o)

Alison said...

Glad you're finding things to do whilst recuperating!
Alison xx

Alexis AKA MOM said...

What a great catch up and I love the baby photos!