Friday, September 19, 2014

20 - A bus with a picture on the side

Do you know it turns out that in Hamilton we don't have pictures on the side of our buses!
I was pretty sure we did and I do remember seeing them, but however someone in their ultimate wisdom decided last year that all buses would now been plain and have just the bus company logo on the boring!

I did finally manage to see a bus round town with a picture on the side and realised that in fact we had all of 2 buses with pictures on that visited into town once every hour!
I even managed to find out where the bus passed through town but never seemed to be hanging around the bus stop at the right time.
So imagine my surprise to come up beside it at the lights on wet morning.
I have never got the camera out so fast to grab a candid shot before the lights changed colour.

It may not be the greatest picture but it is a bus with pictures on the side so I don't care!

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