Wednesday, April 29, 2009

All Day!

Last night I realised that I had nothing planned on the calendar for today.
Yea I thought, I can finally get all the linen moved into the new cupboard.
By the time I went to bed though that had changed slightly, there were several small errands I could run, but they shouldn't taken me too long.

Turns out, Alex and I managed to stay out all day and I am not sure how??
We left the house at 8.20 to take Ben and Steve to work and school.
I left school at 9.15 after catching up with Ben's teacher, saying hi and chatting with my work colleagues who just happened to be at the school vaccinating the girls there today, oh and I also had a quick chat with the lady from the PTA about some books they sold the other weekend.

About 9.30 I ended up down town meeting a friend for coffee, we so needed to catch up because we hadn't seen each other for a couple of weeks, we managed to hash out her twins 4th birthday party for Saturday, so she now feels happier about what is happening.
We then had a quick look in 'The Bra Shop' on the way back to the cars. We desperately tried to show Alex which pieces of lingerie mummy would like for Mother's Day next weekend so he could pass the info on to Steve. Not sure if anything went into his little head?!

I then zoomed across Hamilton to take Alex to a make up swimming lesson because he missed his lesson Monday. He was not the most pleasant student he could have been today. He messed around a lot and at one point I actually gave him the choice of staying there or getting out and going home!

So at 11.15 we were then going across to The Base Shopping area, because we were that end of town, and I needed to check out a shop there that hopefully sold long black trousers for Ben for school. No luck but they did have black socks, which he also needed for school. I also had a look around the shop whilst Alex played in the little play area, helps him stay happy if I let him have 5 mins at something he wants to do.

12.00 and we arrived at Bunnings (hardware shop) to get the paint sorted out because it is not yellow enough. Unfortunately 5 mins after arriving Alex had to visit the bathroom, so that took ages because it was the other end of the store to where we were and the store is a huge warehouse style shop! So we sorted the paint, checked out door stops, found a new shower caddy for the shower wall and checked out new laundry bins.

Now I realised that it was lunchtime (12.50) and we still needed to get to the tile shop, so Alex and I ended up having BK for lunch, this took another 1/2 hour because of course they had a play area and I again knew Alex would stay nice if given 10 mins to play.

After lunch we raced back to the other side of Hamilton and went to the Tile shop. I had sample tiles that needed to be returned and other colours to check out. Found some more samples to bring home and also discovered that they have 25% off all tiles till the end of May, so guess we will be getting the tiles very soon so as to get them cheaper.

Called into the Land Transport office down town to collect some brochures for Parents Centre and then realised what the time was so decided to come home for 30 minutes before going out to school to collect Ben (school ends at 3pm).
Unfortunately, Alex and I hadn't managed to get to the supermarket to get more bread and milk, or the ingredients that Steve needs to make a cake for work, so after collecting Ben we went there.

It is now 4.30, I know what we are having for dinner tonight, Steve needs collecting from work in 20 minutes time and I am out tonight just before 7pm.
Man and I thought I was going to have a quiet day moving the linen into the new cupboard!

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Needled Mom said...

That sort of thing always happens to me when I think that I have a free day too.