Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Where have all the manners gone in the world?
Are parents just giving up on teaching their kids about a simple little thing like 'please and thank you?'

Is it pc to not use manners now?

At the weekend I was in Rotorua for my mum's birthday party and I nipped out to the local store for some supplies and whilst I was there I witnessed 3 counts of parents demanding from their kids rather than asking nicely!

1 person I followed out of the store (she was leaving at the same time as me, I wasn't actually following her!) and watched her as she put her bag in the car. She then turned to the 2 yr old with her and said "get in the car" no please with it at all.
The child sort of ignored her and then she tried again, same result. Then in a fierce voice she more or less demanded.
Now I am not saying that the child would have jumped to it if she had said please, but what happened to trying?
What happened to keeping this parenting lark stress free and friendly? After all, yes we are the parents but we are not the dictators, the children are people in their own right and deserve some respect otherwise they will grow up with none!

Some come on guys, lets remember to say please and thank you to our kids, it may for a while feel like you are constantly saying it, but they do get it eventually at some stage.
I am beginning to feel like all the manners and values my parents instilled in me are now lost and I don't like it. Maybe I am old fashion in my outlook on life but manners is such a simple little thing that people like, so let's look at keeping them around.

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