Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Yes we had the Twilight movie here and yes we have had the books but not to the extent that I think others have had them!
I have started to read the series, yes, I know....where have I been? Why has it taken me so long to catch up with Bella and Edward?
There just wasn't all the hype here in NZ like there was in the US!

I knew about The Twilight Movie at the end of last year from reading everything that Julie wrote from My Journey to Family.

I then googled it to find out what was so special about the movie? Only then did I find out it was taken from a book that had been written and caused so much ho ha amongst the ladies.

It came out in NZ just after Christmas, but there was no hype, no special previews, no crazy girls going silly in the sun waiting for the midnight showing or anything like it.
It was a movie, it came out on a Thursday like all others and if you knew to watch it, then goody for you.

So while you are all still going gooey over Edward dolls, we still have people who are only just discovering the series, in written form, let alone know there was a movie made!
It is due out on DVD here soon and I am sure there will be a bigger uptake on this than the movie at the cinema mainly because the books are everywhere, people are now talking about it and most people have read the books.

Me, well I am now on book 3. Yes I am enjoying them, they are different. Although I did find book 1 a little boring, book 2 was interesting and I am now only at the beginning of book 3.
I will get the movie out on DVD from the rental store when it is available. I am interested to see it now, but am glad I have read the book first!

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Kent and Leisy said...

I actually liked book one the most- and then thought they got worse!! you may be the opposite :) people here are CRAZY about them!!! Did you know the author of the books is Mormon? I thought you might find that interesting :)