Monday, May 18, 2009


Ben has managed to have another accident with something sharp and his fingers!
This time he was at school, and whilst using safety scissors has manged to attempt to cut off a finger on the other hand!
Clean and simple cuts, well one is a little deep, he has managed to place a cut either side of the finger at the base.
No problem with this but try telling a 5 yr old not to move the finger whilst it is healing!?
So he now has a splint on the finger, it actually looks a little over the top for what he has managed to do, but hopefully it means it will heal great. Sadly he is not a fast healer, things seem to take ages, he seems to have fragile skin.

He is coping very well with a splint on his hand and one finger pointing upwards. Sadly it wasn't until my cousin visited yesterday that we noticed that he is actually showing us 'the birdie' or 'the finger' everytime he puts his hand up to show anyone.
Quite amuzing actually. Good job he is only 5 and has no idea!

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