Friday, May 29, 2009

Toilet Training

Both of my boys are toilet trained, well I would hope so at 4 and 5 1/2 yrs old.
Neither of them are night trained though.
I am in no hurry to have them night trained, although I do think about the fact that I think the younger one will be trained before the older!

We do remind them about their nappies in the morning, unfortunately Ben wanders into us about 5/6am and we are not sure if he is dry as he comes into us because when he takes his nappy off in the mornings it is not always dry! Plus at that time of the morning he creeps in next to Steve and we are both still a sleep. Sometimes I can't even tell you what time he came to us because neither of us have woken to him coming in!
So we don't actually have any idea as to when he wet it?

But the other problem, is that I don't think he is ready to be trained yet, because he does not wake in the night.
To prove this, he proved it to us himself, by me finding him at 10 pm the other night a sleep in a bed full of vomit!
Yes he had vomitted and not even woken to the fact!

Now if he can vomit and not wake to it, then I don't think we stand a chance of him waking to needing to pee just yet!?

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Needled Mom said...

Our 5 1/2 yr. old grandson was the same way. A few months ago they used one of those alarm things that buzzes when they start to wet. It took about a week and he is now completely trained and is sooooo pleased with himself.